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upcoming weather
With The prediction of snow in the upcoming forecast and folks chomping at the bit to ride please use caution when riding our trails. Trees and limbs were cleaned when trails were signed but high winds last few days could have more down we are unaware of. This being the first snow remember there can be hidden hazards such as rutted farm fields, rocks,  and small stumps that fresh snow can hide. Be respectful of our land owners and stay on the marked trails, this year we have many delicate areas that by not staying on the trail it could be gone and riding the road as we all know is not pleasant. On trail s76 in Randallsville by river road there is new seeding stay on the trail please. Also in the same area enjoy the new snowmobile bridge, club members worked extremely hard to eliminate road riding and the new trail and bridge are a true testament to the dedication our club has for the betterment of the sport and the enjoyment and safety of the riding experience. On trail s54 on the edge of morrisville headed towards munnsville/stockbridge area there is also a reroute around the edge of the field, the landowner will be building his home there and the trail has been moved to keep sleds away from the home, please respect the landowner and stay on the trail. Also in Peterbourgh take advantage of the new trail to the deli on the green, club members again putting in a great effort to get permissions and ready the new trail. The deli trail is off trail s59 which is off trail s50, also on Nyssa club trail 581 between s76 and junction of our 5c,s75 and where we meet cny snowtravelers stay on the marked trail as the farmer has new strawberry crops and water pipes for sprinklers in the field. Finally on s76 between Lebanon hill road and river road stay on the edge of the field as there is new seeding and we almost did not get permission there this year. The club meets second Wednesday of every month at the Roadside Inn located in west eaton 730 start time. Be safe and ride between the stakes.

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