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Can "Old" trail be brought back?
Was down with some fellow riders this past weekend and travelled in this area for the 1st time in like 30+ years. Come out of Brookfield state land and go up hill behind old Horton farm and to the junction to go west or east. Heading west towards Sherburne, trail meandered along and "Wow, this looks familiar". That was until it went behind the Calhoon farm. From here it was all new. After awhile, it finally came to top of Collins Hill Rd (which is plowed now, but not 35 years ago). Yes, it's a trail, but it was interesting.

My question is: Why can't it be ran like it used to over towards the Dewy farm way, behind Mt. Top Golf course, thru the woods and down fields towards old Van Swan farm/ start of East Hill Rd, across bridge by res, back into pasture, up hill to top of Collins Hill Rd? Would make more sense, less road crossing/running shoulder of road, not near anyone's home. Are current owners of said properties against sleds? Just a thought here for the future perhaps.
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