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Moonlight grooming report
All of trail 7d was groomed today, we plan on going out tomorrow and getting the rest of the southern trails groomed. Unfortunately there is not enough snow on our northern trails to groom yet. Still thin in spots and hilltops are blown clean, snowing hard now but blowing pretty good.
[Image: 009-8.jpg]
[Image: 008-8.jpg]
Good deal, thanks for reporting John- hopefully soon be leaving from my garage.
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Sweet Smile
Trails groomed today were s51, s55, s70d and C7d. Our southern trail system is sweet and flat get out and get some!
[Image: 005-9.jpg]
[Image: 004-10.jpg]
[Image: 003-13.jpg]
[Image: 002-13.jpg]
[Image: 001-11.jpg]
Trails looked good via the road. Went by the home 20 CR and you must've been out grooming. Went down to my parents house for a short visit (she had back surgery a couple weeks ago).
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Trails groomed today 2/1/15 were all of s74 and c7d from barn to end and the tucker was still out. All 3 of our cats were rolling today, Awsome! I also got my first solo and pulled tandom, again Awsome. Club members are really working hard to get our system in shape and if the snow predicted comes riders will surely enjoy their efforts.
Tucker just back and all of our section of c5c has been done.Enjoy
It's 8pm. Where's our snow storm?

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